Hi, My Name is Ben Porteous and i would like to tell you the short story of Bilpin Bush Honey.


Bilpin Bush Honey was started by Rob Porteous (my Dad) in 2008 with 1 hive. Since then Rob has slowly grown the Business with the help of Gina Porteous(his Wife) to what it is today. currently Bilpin bush honey has about 250 hives which produces a modest 8 to 10 tonne of lovingly hand extracted honey per year.All Bilpin Bush honey Products are currently Distributed to 30 local outlets by myself in the world heritage listed blue mountains, (a 50km radius of our Packing facility located in Bilpin. We also sell Bilpin Bush honey at 36 local farmers markets per year.


As Bilpin Bush honey Grows Bigger every year my Dad and mum were finding them selves working 7 days a week trying to do it all,moving the bees, re queening angry hives, breeding new Queens, harvesting, extracting, bottling, packing, distribution, farmers markets, marketing, customer care. As a Result i have recently taken over the bottling, packing, distribution and Framers markets of Bilpin Bush Honey Products under the Business name Nature’s finest Produce Pty Ltd so my Dad can concentrate on taking care of the bees more and my mum can pursue other business venture’s.


Even after 10 years my Dad (and now me) are just as passionate about bees and Quality honey as when we first started. you could defiantly say Bilpin Bush honey is a lovingly hand crafted Quality Product not a Quantity Product


It is very hard to near impossible to come across organic honey because bees can fly as much as 10km to collect nectar to make honey. because our bee hives are strategically placed near already flowering native gums on large acreage properties bordering on national parks we believe although not organically certified it is as close as pure organic honey can get. Our honey is also extracted, bottled and packed by hand and is pure raw honey which has not been heat treated or micro filtered the way commercial honey is, so it still retains all the heath benefits and taste of pure raw honey.